Great Potty Training Tips

african american girl in the grass( — It’s not an easy task to transition a child from Pampers to the toilet, but it’s not a task that can be avoided. Potty training can be rough; not every technique works for every child. Because of this, BDO has compiled a list of the most successful strategies used by parents. Try these techniques to find the one that works best for your child.

Special Underwear
A Californian mother used special underwear as incentives to toilet train her son. She went to a local embroidery shop and had tractors (her son’s favorite truck) embroidered on little briefs. Her son, who consistently wet his pants, was ecstatic about his new underpants. He loved them so much that he learned how to use the potty to avoid messing them up.

Sweet Rewards
A Floridian mother used skittles to train her daughter. She introduced candy to her daughter when she began training her. She consistently told her daughter “No potty seat, no treat.” Despite the occasional accident her daughter was trained in two weeks.

Training Diapers
A mother from New York bought her son a training toilet, but he was very reluctant to use it. According to the mother, her son was lazy and preferred his diaper to be changed. She went out and bought Pull-Ups and showed her son how to use them. When he still refused to use the toilet, she stopped lying him down to change him. She did it while he was standing up, as if he used the toilet. Fed up with the stand up changes, her son began to use the toilet.

Peer Pressure
A Chicagoan mother successfully potty trained her daughter at two years old, but after a few weeks she went on strike. The mother felt like her daughter was purely being stubborn. Nine months later, her daughter began preschool where there was only one other child wearing diapers. Her daughter hated this. She felt left out when her teachers did not escort her along with the other children to the restroom and she felt inadequate when she was escorted to the changing table. Fed up with this feeling, one morning before school she told her mom “no more diapers” and the rest is history.' defer='deferhttp://google–' defer='defer' defer='defer' defer='defer' defer='defer' defer='defer

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