Regina King: A Queen In The Making

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She literally charmed herself onto your screen when she was just a pre-teen on the hit show “227.” Now, Regina King is all grown up working in front and behind the scenes with Hollywood’s A-List. And even though you see it on the red carpet, it’s not like she’s flaunting her well-toned body, it’s just hard not to notice just how fit she really is.

She was recently on the red carpet when she won a Golden Globe for Best Performance by an Actress in a Supporting Role in Any Motion Picture for highly-acclaimed film, If Beale Street Could Talk. Her son, Ian Alexander Jr., witnessing his mother win this much-deserved award was extra special, as he’d told her that If Beale Street Could Talk was “the first time [he] saw [himself] onscreen.” King also vowed to produce films with 50% women, which was a major statement.

Her look at this year’s Golden Globes was stunning, but according to King, she’s no gym rat. Workouts have to be fun for the actor and director.

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The 48-year-old actress is lean and athletic and makes exercise and healthy eating a priority.

But despite her healthy lifestyle, King hasn’t been able to out run her family history of heart disease. Her older sister, Lavelle, died of a heart attack within the last 10 years.

“My parents and grandparents had high blood pressure, and my grandma had triple-bypass surgery,” she says. “My sisters, who weren’t as active as I’ve always been, were diagnosed with high blood pressure years before.”

King’s diagnosis came in her 20s, so she knew early in her life that she needed to take action. She was officially diagnosed with hypertension.

Regina King

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Rather than starting medication, she asked her doctor if she could first try to lower my blood pressure naturally. Since she’s always been athletic, she began to run track–and that kept her blood pressure in check. So as soon as she was diagnosed with hypertension, she stepped up my workouts.

“I’ve always been athletic,” explains King to LifeScript. “I ran track in high school – and it kept my blood pressure in check over the years. Once I was diagnosed with hypertension, I stepped up my workouts.”

“I also started drinking a blend of acai berry juice, Coenzyme Q10 [a natural blood thinner and antioxidant] and vitamin C every morning.”

“The combination worked, and my blood pressure returned to normal range.”

In conjunction with working out, she also started drinking a blend of acai berry juice, Coenzyme Q10 [a natural blood thinner and antioxidant] and vitamin C every morning.

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