Which Foods Are Cancer Risks?

478115157Many different types of cancers are common among African Americans. While many cancers are more common among whites, Blacks are more likely to die from them. The good news is you can help lower your risk of cancer just by watching what you eat.

Not that this is necessarily the easiest thing to do; with so much conflicting information out there, eating to keep your risk of cancer low might be even more difficult than eating to lose weight. There is no single study that can provide all the information you need to determine which foods lower the risk of cancer and which foods increase cancer risks.

But not to worry! We have sorted through these studies and broken down the list of foods and nutrients that are suspected of potentially increasing cancer risks, as well as those considered to be cancer-fighters.


Alcohol increases the risk of many types of cancers including mouth, liver, breast and colon cancers.  People who drink alcohol should limit intake to no more than two per day for men and one per day for women. Women with a family history or high risk of breast cancer should nix drinking alcohol altogether.

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