Future Doctor Graduated College At 14, Master’s at 16, PhD Student At 17!

In this book, The Genius Race, Thessalonika makes it clear that being a genius in all areas of life is available to anyone at any time. It is a matter of choosing to make wise choices.

In The Future,  is a book designed to help you learn how to release your business’ potential, make a difference in society, and become a catalyst of change within your organization, business, and nation. In the Future is not just a book, but an interactive journey that will increase your organizational bandwidth and intellectual capacity. 

In her groundbreaking book, Settled: Justice for All, Thessalonika Arzu-Embry identifies the world’s injustices and provides practical, Biblically-based techniques and targeted tactics for securing your justice. Thessalonika takes on a journey to discovering God’s justice and renewing your hope in the Lord. Learn to break free from negativity, uncertainty, anxiety, doubt, and injustice. In Settled: Justice for All, Thessalonika gives you keys to gaining justice—keys hidden in understanding God’s Word.

Whew! How does she find time to do it all?

Thessalonika wakes up early with her mother, Wonder Embry, and makes the long commute from home to her…