Eriq La Salle: His Soul Still Glows 30 Years Later

eriq-lasalleDirector, actor, and author Eriq LaSalle is known for many things.  He first gained fame as a doctor on the long-running show, ER.  Behind the scenes of that show Eriq took a stand  to push for more Black-on-Black loving relationships.

“During that time, you would mostly see black relationships in one of two ways: either we were fighting or we were having sex,” explained Eriq. “There was no in between.  I wanted it to be shown that we as Black people can have the whole 360 degree relationship that white characters were having.”

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And he was right. After his urging they brought on a Black woman character that finally brought balance and the entire well-rounded relationship Eriq was pushing for.

Another one of his most famous characters was Daryl Jenks, the greasy hair heir to Soul Glo, in the iconic film, Coming to America that is now 30 years old (wow!).

In the film, Eriq’s character was obsessed with his hair and making it as full and as curly as it could be. Interestingly enough, the actor actually has been known to cut, shave and “do” his own hair.

So, what are Eriq’s real-life tips to help black men maintain their natural hair health?

1. Shampoo: Using only a small amount of shampoo can prevent your hair from become brittle or dry due to the loss of your hair’s own natural oils. Shampoo no more than once or twice a week,  and try to chose a shampoo that is SLS-free.

2. Moisturize: Moisturize regularly with a rinse-out conditioner, and/or with natural oils, such as…