My Story: “I Created A Monster”

Monster Fitness

In 2012, decided to share the picture above via various social media networks and the picture quickly went viral. The picture above is an amazing shot of a father and son duo who could easily pass for brothers.

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We decided to take a deeper look at Stephen “Monster” Haynes, whose pictured to the right.

Stephen “Monster” Haynes

Stephen is a motivational speaker, a natural bodybuilder and the creator of Monster Fitness in Virginia. But he wasn’t always fit. At his heaviest, he weighed 287 lbs. Being an arena football player originally kept him in shape, but he had a career-ending knee injury and his mother passed away.  With those two traumatic events in his life happening so close to each other, Stephen says he lost his drive. At one point, he got so low that he started eating in various food challenge, eating as much as he could in one sitting.

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After getting called out by his friend that he would never fit on a bodybuilding stage, he snapped into a better frame of mind and took to the gym, and to the kitchen. In 10 weeks, he lost 63 lbs.

Stephen was on his way. Today, he says that his hardest challenge is still food.

“Being at the gym is something I know I have to do. But it’s a daily struggle to make the right choices in the kitchen.”

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