7 Things Every Contact Lens Wearer Needs To Know

A contact lens caseSince contacts are so important option for vision and our eyes are so precious, it’s important to take good care of both. Many people new to contact lenses, and even some experienced wearers, have practical questions about contacts.

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In order to help ensure crisp, clear vision, better eye health and maximum lens wearing comfort, there are a few things to consider for successful lens wear and care.

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These tips will help guide you, but always follow the advice of your eye care professional.

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1. Before You Touch Your Lenses

Always wash your hands before you put your lenses in or take them out. Seems simple enough, but you’d be surprised about how many people use hand sanitizer instead of soap & water before touching their contacts. Don’t lather up either with oily or heavily scented soaps. Lenses can cling to wet hands, so dry your hands well with a lint-free towel. If you want to use a moisturizer, wait until after you’ve put in your lenses. The residue from lotions can stick to them.

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2. Water and Lenses Don’t Mix

If you’re out of contact lens solution, you might be tempted to rinse your lenses with tap water. Don’t do it! Water sometimes has microbes that can cause serious eye infections. Don’t even wear contacts in the shower. And never put your lenses into your mouth or use saliva to wet them.