Why Does It Take So Long To Fill My Prescription?

A pharmacist holding a tray of pills, surrounded by prescription drug bottles(BlackDoctor.org) — From the perspective of many patients dropping off prescriptions at a pharmacy, it seems like it would be an easy task for the pharmacist to quickly hand over the meds and allow the customer to be on their way.


Yes, this would be great. However, there are many processes, mostly unseen by the patient, that are in place that, unfortunately, often prevent prescriptions from being filled as quickly as we all would like.

In a perfect transaction, the patient already has a complete and updated profile at the pharmacy, the physician has written the prescription properly, the medication is in stock, and there are no problems with the patient’s insurance.

Unfortunately, there are many things that can happen along each of these steps to slow the prescription filling process.

Pharmacists Need To Verify All Information. The pharmacist’s top responsibility is to make sure that they do not harm the patient. So sometimes, it’s necessary to double check information to ensure that they’re providing the correct medication for the correct person. The pharmacist may need to contact the physician if a prescription is illegible or has a questionable dose.

Pharmacists Need To Make Sure The Meds Are Available. Sometimes medications are in short supply and the pharmacist must contact suppliers or other pharmacies to see when and if it they can be made available to the patient.

Pharmacists Need To Verify The Pill Bottle(s). After the prescription is actually filled, the pharmacist must then go back and double check the medication to make sure that what was written on the doctor’s prescription order matches the stock bottle and the pills that are in the patient’s bottle.

Pharmacists Need To Contact Insurance Companies. In the event that the patient’s insurance isn’t working properly, the pharmacist may also have to contact the company to see what the problem is.

Pharmacists Need To Help Multiple Patients/Physicians Simultaneously. In addition to all of this, pharmacists are also fielding phone calls from physicians and other patients in need of prescription help as well.

Pharmacists have to multitask for hours each day, but still must remain focused and calm to avoid any mistakes. While waiting a little longer may be inconvenient, it’s important to allow a bit of extra time to make sure that the pharmacist can exercise all of the checks and balances that goes into ensuring you get the right medication.

By Dr. Crystal Riley, BDO Pharmacy Expert

A graduate of the Howard University School of Pharmacy, Dr. Crystal A. Riley has spent the majority of her career involved in drug information services for not only healthcare organizations and practitioners, but for patients as well. While her career has shifted towards researching healthcare policy and quality standards, Dr. Riley still actively seeks opportunities to keep patients informed and aware of medication-related issues to help improve their overall quality of life.


Nick Cannon Released From Hospital, Planning His Return To Work

Nick Cannon(BlackDoctor.org) — Nick Cannon is out of the hospital after battling what wife Mariah Carey called “mild kidney failure.”

After undergoing successful treatment, the America’s Got Talent host was released from Los Angeles’ Cedars-Sinai Medical Center over the weekend and is already plotting his return to the airwaves.

The entertainer was hospitalized in Aspen, Colo., last week after he fell ill while the couple was on vacation there. He was transferred to a Los Angeles hospital a few days later.

In a statement Monday, Cannon’s publicist Tracy Nguyen said he “was released over the weekend to be with his family. He is resting and recovering at home and would like to thank everyone who has expressed concern, well wishes and prayers. He plans to return to his live morning radio show broadcast Rollin’ with Nick Cannon on 92.3 NOW FM on January 17th, 6-10am EST.”

Cannon was first hospitalized with “mild kidney failure” early last week while he and Carey were vacationing in Aspen. He was transferred to Cedars, where he received a haircut and underwent surgery.

“Recovering… about to be stronger than ever! #Ncredible!” Nick Cannon tweeted Friday.

Carey wrote yesterday, apparently from home: “Up w/NC watching @BishopJakes -a true inspiration as always. Nick is getting better+we love+appreciate all the ongoing kind words!”

Basic Kidney Health Tips

1. Adopt a healthier lifestyle (including eating at least 5 servings of fruits and vegetables a day, drinking at least 8-10 glasses of water a day, and staying active).

2. If you have diabetes, high blood pressure, or a family history of kidney failure, get your blood and urine checked for kidney disease.

3. Help educate your faith-based community about the kidney connection.

4. Use spices, herbs and sodium-free seasonings in place of salt.

5. For those recently diagnosed with kidney disease, find out about the basics of kidney disease and what it means for you.

6. Talk to loved ones with diabetes and high blood pressure about getting tested for kidney disease.

Remember that if you have additional questions about how to protect your kidneys, always consult with your doctor.

For more on kidney health, visit BlackDoctor.org’s Kidney Disease Channel.