Ahmad Givens: A "Real" Survivor


**UPDATE** from January 2015:
Below is a pic of my scar from surgery a couple months after, or shall I say my battle wound lol. This was the surgery where they removed tumors from my rectum and left side of my liver……So yesterday they took me off chemo completely cause none of it works anymore.So I have about 4 clinical trials to choose from which look really promising.My tumors have a rare mutation and supposedly they have new medicine to target the my tumors.Its suppose to stop the tumor mutation from spreading and shrink the tumors.So we will see.I don’t let this stuff bring me down,I just roll with the punches. Love

ahmad real givens - Copy
The former VH1 reality star Ahmad Givens, nickname “Real”, had a popular show called Real Chance of Love, and was on a mission to find love.

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