Natural Remedies To Reduce Heart Attacks

heart-attackKeep your lifelines clear and let blood flow freely to your heart. According to research or other evidence, the following self-care steps may help prevent artery blockage and reduce your heart attack risk:

What You Need To Know:

• Trim the unhealthy fat
Protect your heart and its blood supply by cutting meat, dairy fats, and foods containing trans fats out of your diet; fuel up with nuts, olive oil, fish, and other sources of healthy fats instead

• Choose risk-reducing foods
Eat more whole grains, beans and other legumes, vegetables, and fruit

• Ask about aspirin
Talk to your healthcare provider to determine if taking aspirin for heart-attack prevention is right for you

• Discover CoQ10
Reduce complications following a heart attack by taking 120 mg a day of coenzyme Q10, a powerful antioxidant

• Add L-carnitine to your daily routine
Take 2 grams a day of this nutritional supplement to reduce damage and complications following a heart attack

• Don’t forget the fish oil
Reduce the chances of having another heart attack by taking capsules that supply a total of 900 mg of omega-3 fatty acids per day

These recommendations are not comprehensive and are not intended to replace the advice of your doctor or pharmacist. Continue reading the full heart attack article for more in-depth, fully-referenced information on medicines, vitamins, herbs, and dietary and lifestyle changes that may be helpful.

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