Diet Foods That Aren’t Worth The Money

A yogurt and granola in a glass jar( — There’s so much diet information out there, isn’t there? So many ways of approaching your own personal diet plan. Too many diet food choices.

…and too many foods that aren’t even worth your time and/or money, that can more than likely add more fat and sugar than you need…and cost you more.

What are some of the top useless “healthy” foods?

1. “Healthy” Eggs

Bad Idea: Veggie Quiche

Most of these tend to include eggs nestled in a pastry shell. These shells generally contain a lot of saturated fat. The USDA recommends you consume no more than 20 grams of saturated fat a day, and this one dish is nearly there.

Better Idea: For a veggie-heavy breakfast without the cardiovascular repercussions, switch to a sandwich with veggies and egg whites – these are generally lower in calories, saturated fat and sodium.

2. “Healthy” Cereal

Bad Idea: Granola

A single bowl of most granolas contains a quarter of your day’s calorie intake (not even including the milk). They can also contain more sugar that a candy bar.

Better Idea:
Keep your diet happy by opting for multigrain cereals like Kashi, which generally contain lower calories and fat, but are powerful sources of fiber and other important nutrients.

3. “Healthy” Dessert

Bad Idea: Low-Carb Ice Cream

Unfortunately, many products featuring lower carbohydrates are loaded with fat and calories. The primary ingredients of low-carb ice cream are commonly vegetable oil and milk fat, resulting in nearly as much saturated fat as two or three burgers.

Better Idea: Switch to a low-sugar dessert – they tend to keep things friendly by keeping the fat and calories low as well.

4. “Healthy” Fruit & Yogurt Smoothie

Bad Idea: Yogurt & Fruit Smoothie

Yes, words like “yogurt” and “fruit” and “smoothie” automatically make you think it’s healthy, but these smoothies generally contain zero fiber, but are chock-full of sugar.

Better Idea: Try kefir. It’s a fermented dairy product from the Middle East, and it has been shown to lower cholesterol, enhance the immune system, and provide stomach-friendly bacteria.

5. “Healthy Salad

Bad Idea: Any Salad With Regular Dressing

Salads that are classified as healthy, particularly the ones featured at restaurants, always sound so wonderful, loaded with vitamins, fiber and lean proteins. But, many of them are often drowned in extremely fattening dressing, which cancel out those healthy benefits.

Better Idea: It’s a good idea to always request to have any dressing served on the side. It’s an even better idea to ask for the lightest dressing possible on the side, such as a reduced-fat vinaigrette.