Angela Bassett's Secret: "You Have To Keep It Interesting…"


angela bassettWhile  she continues her successful acting career at the age of 57, Angela Bassett has also been recognized for her beautiful body and outstanding fitness regime, which helped her led her command many of her starring roles, such as the critically-acclaimed “What’s Love Got To Do With It”. And even more recently for her small screen roles on the 2015’s “American Horror Story” series.

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Wherever the red carpet is, Angela looks incredible. She shares her secrets to building a better, stronger body…even on a busy schedule.

“My goal with exercise is I try to do it more often than not,” Bassett says. “Recently, I got a couple of my girlfriends together and we walked the Rose Bowl. It’s maybe a three-mile thing. It’s about showing up and accountability. You have to say, ‘Everyone will meet at 8:15 a.m.’ I know when I have a real plan then I’m there. If my friends are waiting, that puts a pressure on me not to disappoint them.

But Angela even admits, its not just about the exercise. It’s her diet that really makes the difference.

“You have to keep your diet interesting. I like tasteful and passionate food. It has to be flavorful. You gotta eat. It’s one of our greatest pleasures, but you’ve got to eat yourself well, which is why I’m also organic.”


Her Arms

aangela arms

Angela prefers working out for two hours a day, four days a week. Her focus is on dumbbells.