The 9 Best Healthy Christmas Gift Ideas

• Healthy Gadgets. Exercise accessories, like a pedometer, can be another great idea. Maybe give someone a watch with a heart rate monitor. For runners, a watch with a GPS (global positioning system) can help them track not only how far they’re running, but also their average pace. Hikers might also appreciate a GPS device or other accessories, like a walking stick.

• Healthy Relaxation. Chronic stress has been linked to high blood pressure, coronary heart disease, stroke and other cardiovascular problems. So why not give something to help with relaxation? It could be soothing music, candles or soaps. Also consider a gift certificate for a massage or relaxation spa.

• Healthy Exercise. We’ll bet you know someone who says, “I really need to start working out/I really need to work out more,” but has yet to do so. Why not buy them a few sessions of exercise or yoga classes at a local health club—or schedule a visit with a
fitness trainer for them. Either of these ideas just might encourage them to get into the exercise habit.

One other great idea: If you’re not sure exactly what someone would like, consider giving a gift card for a health-focused store, spa or fitness center, and let your loved ones pick something out themselves.