The Secrets Of A Stress-Free Home

silhouette of a woman sitting in lotus position

( — Home. Your castle. Your refuge. Your sanctuary. Where your heart is.

No matter who you are, most people rely on their home as a source of peace, where they can rest after a busy day and recharge before the start of a new one.

So, what are the best ways to make your home a little more soothing, and a little less crazy?

Choose Carefully

Turn your hectic home into the ultimate soothing space with these simple feng shui tips from Janice Sugita, author of The Feng Shui Equation.

“Remove anything that causes you stressful thoughts,” Sugita says. Do keep a few items that make you smile, like treasured photos.

Add Some Color

Certain hues bring on calm: Blue attracts creativity and prosperity, and green creates a feeling of new life in a room, Sugita says.

Create More Space

An overstuffed room can actually make you feel tense, so be sure to leave about 21/2 feet of walking space around the furniture.

Get Back To Nature

Open blinds to let in natural light, and place plants around the room: “Plants bring new life, growth, and oxygen to a space,” Sugita says.

Learn How to Balance

Love your glass coffee table? Pair it with something cozy, like a plush sofa. Softer elements in the room bring comfort; harder elements provide stability.