Diabetes Risk Assessment Test


Diabetes Risk Assessment

(BlackDoctor.org) – In the simplest terms, having diabetes means your blood
sugar (also called glucose) is too high. It’s a serious disease that can cause a
head-spinning assortment of associated illnesses, including heart attack or
stroke, blindness, kidney failure and loss of feet/legs. But how would you know?
Are you at risk? Do you already have the symptoms? Are you often thirsty,
hungry, or tired? Do you urinate often? Do you have sores that heal slowly,
tingling in your feet, or blurry eyesight? These are certainly some of the
potential signs of diabetes, but even without these symptoms, you could still
have diabetes.

But diabetes can be controlled. You can reduce or avoid these health
problems. One of the most important steps is the first step: finding out if you
are at high risk.

So, know your risk of having diabetes now by answering
these quick questions. For each YES answer, add the
number of points listed. All NO answers are 0 points.

Yes or No: