Excellent Service To Patients Requires Vision, Planning

African American Black woman talking on cell phone outside carrying coffee(BlackDoctor.org) — Dr. Victor J. Marks at Geisinger Health System says physicians must provide service that patients identify as being excellent, especially in a competitive marketplace.

He notes that many doctors focus their marketing efforts on diagnostic, technical, or clinical areas, but most patients base their opinions of physicians on their interactions with them and members of their practice.

Patients also examine such things as the ease of making appointments, the check-in and check-out processes, the flow in the offices, and accurate and timely billing.

Appropriate behaviors are essential as well, Marks says, such as addressing patients correctly, smiling, answering the phone cheerfully, and having nurses introduce themselves to patients.

Conversely, “If you roll your eyes at a difficult or demanding patient, your employees will do the same,” he warns.

Sandra Ellison, president of Ellison Consulting Group, says it is essential for a practice to have a clear and compelling vision, such as being the most in-demand source of services in a particular market or offering the most cutting-edge therapies and compassionate care.

The next step is to hold several meetings to ensure that people are aligned around a shared vision and to gather data about four key areas: processes, environment, culture and amenities, she says.