The 10 Most Fattening Foods Of Fall

A close-up of macaroni and cheese

The temperature drops and our desire for comfort foods grows. even though our fall favorites aren’t exactly known as diet foods, their calorie counts might still surprise you. Turns out Thanksgiving essentials aren’t the only figure-busting culprits.

Here’s a list of the worst:

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Seasonal Beverages
Fall drinks — hot chocolate, pumpkin-spice lattes, eggnog, apple cider, and hot toddies — are a quick and easy way to take in lots of extra calories. A cup of homemade hot cocoa (without whipped cream) has 190 calories. One 8-oz cup of eggnog packs 340 calories.
The Solution: Reserve these kind of drinks for special occasions such as office parties, family gatherings, etc.  Also, try to limit them to before 2pm if you can, allowing your body to have time to work it off.

Pot Pie
When fall arrives, many of us turn to hearty foods, perfect for warming up, and, if we’re not careful, gaining weight. Browse our gallery of fall’s most fattening foods, starting with creamy chicken pot pie. One pie from the grocery freezer case can have more than 1,000 calories.
The Solution: Split it up into two or more servings. If it’s that good, space it out so you aren’t just eating it in one session.

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Pumpkin Desserts
Pumpkin pie, layer cake, cheesecake, bread pudding. There are many ways to turn vitamin A-rich pumpkin into a rich dessert. Be careful: If you add tons of cream and sugar, you negate the health benefits of pumpkin.
The Solution: Don’t use too much heavy cream in it or on it. Instead pair it with fruit or cut calories with a healthier (less butter) crust. You can also cut a smaller slice so you’re still eating it, just not as much.

Cream Soups and Hearty Stews
Cream of potato soup, broccoli cheese soup, and beef stroganoff may seem like perfect fall foods, but beware. Warm soups and stews that are loaded with cream, cheese, or…

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