3 Ways To Have Better Dates

A couple standing near each other and smiling
You want to share your life with someone special, but you’re so busy that you can’t seem to find the time. Sound familiar? Yes, dating is time-consuming, but here’s how to refocus your time so you can enjoy better dates…and more of them.

1. Ask Yourself How Much Time You Really Have To Commit To Someone Else

How much time for dating do you really have? Ask yourself: If you were in a serious relationship with a great man or woman, how much time would you spend together, going on dates, talking on the phone, cuddling. Add it all up…that’s the amount of time you should devote to searching for someone. Most people just don’t make the time to search for love, but they suddenly find that time when they meet the right person.

2. Give Yourself A Reality Check

Most people ask “How can I find the right person.” But for the sake of their happiness, they should be asking “How can I manage my life more efficiently so I can?” A good reality check is to look around you and evaluate how many hours others are working or doing similar tasks, such as parenting. Are you working so hard to keep ahead of schedule? Then re-evaluate what you can do to maximize your efforts in less time. Do married people leave the office at 6 p.m.? If so, why can’t you? The key is finding a balanced perspective that physically and mentally allows you more time to date.