The 3-Step Little Black Dress Workout


You’ve just found the perfect dress for that special occasion! Did you know that in just 2 weeks, you can lose some weight and look great in it, just by following the party dress workout?

Step 1: Cardio Confusion

Do one hour of cardio four times a week (must use a combination of different workouts). It’s important to try different workouts, from elliptical to running to spinning, but try something new every day for 2 weeks and your body will experience cardio confusion, which results in your body burning more calories each workout.

Step 2: Sexy Sculpting

Take one hour of sculpting ballet, light toning exercises, yoga or pilates class twice a week. Or just simply go out dancing and really DANCE when you do.  One hour of dancing (in comfortable shoes of course) can give you the same effect. This form of exercise will create a feminine and sexy line of lean.