21 Things Holding You Back


holding you backLife is filled with some amazing things. It’s also filled with some amazingly-frustrating things that can potentially damage your health, and hold you back from experiencing more of life’s joys.

Wondering how to improve your life? Be more mindful of the things holding you back, such as:

1. Your Pen. Or pencil, or whatever you use to write stuff down, but never do. That’s right, I said it. Most successful people have a written plan or guide or something tangible that constantly refers them to their goals. Listen, folks can talk all day about what they’re “GOING TO DO”, but people that actually do it have it written down somewhere. Start writing down your goals and posting them.

2. Mean/Uncomfortable Messages and Images. These negative exchanges can be in your text or internet history. You save them, then you re-read them, but they only make you feel angry and terrible all over again. Delete them.

3. Subscriptions To Stores You Can’t Afford. They send you tons of emails and texts about the sales you should not be spending money on. Unsubscribe. Now.


4. Bitterness. Do you find yourself thinking about the things that your friends or coworkers have, that you might not be able to afford or have time for? Stop. Focus on being more grateful for the things you DO have. If there is something you dream about obtaining, figure out a workable plan to get it.

5. “Perfect” Expectations. So many people get hung up on the idea of finding the “perfect” significant other, or someone who is going to make you feel better about yourself and fix your problems. Take more responsibility for taking better care of yourself, and realize that true improvement only comes from within. Also, understand that it’s not fair to use other people as fixers. Each of us comes with our own flaws, needs and responsibilities to self, so to expect someone else to be your version of “perfect” and to take care of all your needs is not only immature, but selfish.

6. Pointless Facebook Friendships. Sometimes you stay friends with an ex just so you can keep them around just in case, or to occasionally stalk their new significant other. Or, you maintain online friendships with people you don’t really know, don’t care about, and who post ridiculous things that always make you roll your eyes. Unfriend.

7. Trying To Keep Up With Everybody. Many people keep up with all their friends professionally, even if they don’t want the same things or have the same backgrounds, just so that they can impress them on social media or at parties. Maintain friendships/positive networks with people you truly care about.

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8. The Wrong Magazine Subscriptions. Do you have subscriptions to magazines that make you feel ugly, fat, poor, and unstylish? You shouldn’t.

9. The Wrong Friends. Why are you still “friends” with the people who only like to hang out with you when it involves drinking and spending a lot of money? Some of them aren’t that interested in being around you or hearing what you have to say anyway, right? Focus on healthier friendships.

10. Name-Brand Needs. Your desire for the name-brand/latest version of everything isn’t necessary. Especially if the generic brand or off-brand version is just as good. Or, if you could get the same item at an outlet store, as long as you were willing to wait a season.

11. Pictures of yourself. Stop torturing yourself by obsessing over the photos of yourself where you think you look so much better. You need to feel great about who you are NOW.

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