3 Diet Rules You Need To Break

woman drinking tea(BlackDoctor.org) — Over the years, many diet “rules” have come to be part of everyone’s thinking and habits, even though different aspects of these rules are based on old information that research has now proven to be obsolete.

Now it’s time to clear the air and get rid of some of those misconceptions! Here are a few of the most common diet rules that are truly meant to be broken (even reversed in some cases) to get us back to wholesome, healthy eating without all the constraints.

Eat More Meat than Carbs to Lose Weight.
Let’s think about this. Meat and carbohydrates have the same amount of calories per gram. Each contains 4 calories per gram. Therefore simple math would tell us that gram for gram they have the same amount of calories.  The difference comes in when you look at the fat and cholesterol content.  Most carbohydrates are made from plant sources, such as wheat, grain, vegetables that contain no fat or cholesterol naturally. Meat or anything that comes from an animal source contains cholesterol and fat which can contribute to increased risk for heart disease, diabetes, and stroke.  The key is balance. You can have both, in moderation, and live a healthy lifestyle while keeping weight under control.