3 Steps To Embracing Your Feminine Energy

What is feminine energy? Every expert will have a different but similar definition of feminine energy. I like to call it the “secret sauce.” I’ve found the feminine energy to be the single most important factor in attracting the alpha men we all love.

Not to be confused with femininity, feminine energy is less about wearing the color pink and more about how you feel and make others feel. Feminine energy is best described in comparison to masculine energy.

Masculine energy is protective. Feminine energy is vulnerable. Masculine energy is doing. Feminine energy is being. Every woman has access to her feminine powers but few knowingly activate.

While everyone operates in both their masculine and feminine energy, women should mostly operate in the feminine to attract masculine men. I’ve found many of my female clients have become so accustomed to operating in the masculine that they have forgotten how to tap into their feminine powers.

If you spend a great deal of your time operating in the masculine, where you’re working, making decisions, and even taking care of the kids, follow this 3 step system to tap into your feminine energy and attract masculine men.

Step 1: Be intentional about tapping into your feminine energy – Learning to operate in your feminine energy is a process that becomes easier over time. However, there are activities that will help you become more comfortable operating in your feminine energy.

Listen to an album that makes you feel. Go dancing. Meditate. Paint from your heart. Write a poem. All of these activities are less about doing and more about being. Be intentional and schedule activities that force you to operate in your feminine energy.

Step 2: Display feminine energy – Now that you’re becoming comfortable operating in your feminine energy, put it on display. As soon as you walk out of the office doors, switch to your feminine and more vulnerable side.

Think of the feeling you get when you’re listening to your favorite album or dancing to your favorite song. Remember that feeling when you’re walking, when you smile at a stranger, and when you allow men to open your door.

Step 3: Attract Masculine Men – You’ve learned to be more and do less. You’ve learned how to display your feminine energy on a day to day. Now, it’s time to use what you’ve learned to attract masculine men.

Masculine energy attracts feminine energy and repels masculine energy. Take off the boss hat and put on the intuitive hat. When you’re in the presence of a masculine energy man, turn up your feminine energy.

Instead of asking him about his career, ask him how he feels. Allow him to be human with you. Men are surrounded by masculine energy all day. Be the feminine energy and balance he’s missing.

Jasmine Turner is a black love advocate, professional matchmaker, and founder of Black Match Made, a nationwide matchmaking service. She’s a mix of southern charm and Chicago grit. Find her @jasloveslove