3 Things To Never Do To Your Skin

African American woman curly hair covering faceHaving radiant, youthful, healthy skin isn’t a birthright. Nor is it as simple as washing your face twice daily. In fact, factors such as genetics, drinking coffee or alcohol, smoking, sleep patterns, even the temperature of water you use in the shower can play a major role in maintaining beautiful skin. To put an end to wrinkles, acne, sagging, dull skin, steer clear of these three major skin sins.

Don’t take long and hot showers

“You might think that a steamy shower or long bath would help by hydrating the skin. But, taking this to the extreme can have the opposite effect, leaving your skin dry, cracked, and irritated. Very dry skin can progress to inflamed skin that may itch,” David Lortscher, MD, CEO and Founder of Curology, tells BlackDoctor.org.