4 Ways To Date Better

84592354You want to share your life with someone special, but you haven’t found that someone just yet. Sound familiar? Finding the right mate starts with dating and learning more about that person. So here’s how to refocus your time and energy so you can date better.

1. Give Yourself A Reality Check

Most people ask “How can I find time to date?” But for the sake of their happiness, they should be asking “How can I manage my life more efficiently so I can ?” A good reality check is to look around you and evaluate how many hours others are working or doing similar tasks, such as parenting. Are you working so hard to keep ahead of schedule? Then re-evaluate what you can do to maximize your efforts in less time. Do married people leave the office at 6 p.m.? If so, why can’t you? The key is finding a balanced perspective that physically and mentally allows you more time to date.

2. Know The Signs

Even though this article is about dating better, sometimes dating can be hard.  There can be bad dates, people who stand you up, and even others who may take advantage of you. But when something bad happens, take a look at it for what it is.  Is that God’s way of showing you who this person really is?  Maybe being stood up is a way of showing you not to date this person. Remember, every bad date is an opportunity to know what you don’t want in a mate.  One way to look at every sign is to chalk it up as a learning experiment. As long as you learned something from it, you can walk away clean.

3. Quit Wasting Time

In real estate, the key word is location. In the dating world, it’s all about time You have to be extremely vigilant about not wasting your time when you’re looking for “the one.” Dating efficiently means…