3 Ways You’re Misusing Antibiotics – Without Even Knowing It

woman talking to doctor(BlackDoctor.org) — Since the discovery of antibiotics, modern medicine’s ability to control bacterial infections has increased exponentially, and diseases and infections that once killed millions of people are now easily treated and cured. However, with many medical advances, there is often a down side, and antibiotics are one such advance that has seen its share of bad press over the years.

What Are They For?

Antibiotics are specifically designed to treat bacterial infections, and they are often very effective. Over the years, it has been discovered that certain types (or strains) of bacteria are not susceptible to all antibiotics, thus certain medicines are useless in the face of particular bacterial infections. When they work, antibiotics stop bacteria from replicating, halting a process that can lead to infections that are larger, more virulent, more dangerous, and potentially lethal.

Antibiotics can be used for a variety of infections, including certain infections of the ear, throat, sinuses, blood, urinary tract, wounds, skin, and respiratory tract.

What Are They Not For?