3 Ways Your Pores Are Telling On You

Close up portrait of a smiling african american woman applying lotion on skin

Achieving clear, glowing and healthy skin is an elusive goal for many, even when the melanin is poppin’. Although it’s true that having more pigmented skin can help protect us from the sun’s rays, our skin can still experience the negative effects of the environment and show wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, dark spots and clogged pores.

“Men and women wishing to slow the aging process have to create a healthy skin care routine, so skin looks its best at any age. It’s never too late to have beautiful skin,” Windy Mays, a Chicagoland esthetician, tells BlackDoctor.org.

Our pores – those tiny (and in some cases not so tiny) holes in our skin – are actually openings that release sebum, the body’s natural oil. When we’re good to our pores, our pores are good to us. And when we’re not so good to them? We set the stage for enlarged pores, clogged pores, infection, signs of aging and dull skin.

Are your pores telling on your skincare bad habits. Here’s three things your pores may be revealing about you:

1. You’re using the wrong products for YOUR skin.
The creams, oils, gels, scrubs and other remedies you’ve tried may actually work; they just may not work for YOUR skin. Most commercial skincare products are not specially tested on African American skin. What are the products that work best for skin with pigment? This is the question the experts behind Skinphonic sought to answer. Legendary singer, Smokey Robinson – the man for whom Black fails to crack – along with his wife Frances and a team of skincare experts, found a formula that works with the natural ‘rhythm’ of our skin. Take some time to re-evaluate the products you use regularly. Are they working for or against your shine?

2. You pick at your pimples. 

Though it may be hard to resist the urge to pick at or pop your pimples, you have to fight it! Manipulating the skin with squeezing can lead to inflammation. Not to mention, touching your face with dirty hands can introduce bacteria, oil and dirt – all things that can lead to clogged pores or change their size over time. If you are too impatient to let nature take its course to get rid of your breakouts, try…