President Obama's #1 Health Secret

…occasionally uses ibuprofen to treat plantar fasciitis in his right foot. He has also taken malarone, an anti-malaria medication, when appropriate to protect him while traveling.

While Ekwa couldn’t give Obama top marks, fitness guru Tony Horton called his form “pretty good.”

“I’d give him a solid B-plus, maybe an A-minus,” Horton, creator of the P90X workout, said Thursday on CNN’s New Day.

When at a restaurant have the server box up half of the food so you only see and eat half.

Pack your lunch and snacks for the day, filled with protein.

  • Do not eat a large dinner because you will become a couch potato by the end of the meal.
  • Try not to eat 3 hours before your bed time.
  • Avoid sugary beverages and drink more water.

Horton, whose workout has been adopted by Republican Reps. Paul Ryan of Wisconsin and Aaron Schock of Illinois, advised Obama to “breathe a little bit more.” But said he was glad Obama decided to hit the gym while abroad.

The president’s height was measured at six feet, one inch and he weighed in at 180 pounds. Remarkably for a nearly 53-year-old, Obama’s uncorrected vision was 20/20.

Quitting smoking can help you sleep better, strengthen bones, prevent premature aging, and reduce your risk of erectile dysfunction.

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