Transform Your Bathroom Into A Spa


High angle view of a young woman lying on a bed with roses petals on her

We all love a little “me time,” don’t we? I am talking about pure self-indulgence, time you spend on yourself, for making you feel better.

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Imagine the scent of lavender and fresh lilies wafting from the vase, brown sugar and vanilla after a nice pedicure, the sound of your favorite music and a warm bathrobe embracing you after a soak from a bath enriched with natural oils and floating spa lights. Sounds out of this world?  Well, it’s not! Here’s how you can make this happen in your very own bathroom.

Here are NINE changes you can make that will transform your bathroom:

1. Upgrade your shower head
Switch out your old showerhead for a massaging one to melt away stress. Choose pulsing, rotating, strong, or soft streams of water. It’s instant home water therapy for as low as $20 or less. Plus, replacing outdated showerheads can lower water bills.

Or upgrade by adding multiple showerheads for maximum body coverage and relaxation. You can tap into spa-status relaxation with simple budget-friendly fixes or more luxury splurges.

2. Get spa robes
Why do only hotels carry them? Why can’t we treat ourselves luxuriously at home? Suggested material for a spa robe is terry cotton or cotton velour and terry. The latter has a soft, velvet look on the outside but absorbs like terry from the inside. You can also have your robe monogrammed to get some custom luxury.

3. Steam Saunas and Showers
Warm, moist air has soothing qualities. But forget the crowded gym sauna or steam room. Install one at home for privacy and convenience. Special pre-fabricated steam shower units trap billowing steam and set your stress free.

4. Towel Warmers
These special racks warm towels to ward off chill. They also dry them to keep mold and musty smells away. Most towel warmers should be installed by an electrician. But you can get portable versions that just plug in and…

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