8 Ways To Lose Weight Like Your Man

3. Be More Confident

Men worry less than women do about what most people think of their body. Walk with your head high, and where your cute workout clothes proudly – this will make it easier to focus more on your gym routine, which will get you fit.

2. Improve Your Relationship With Food

A guy sees burger and thinks, “Mmmm, that burger looks good!” Women think, “Oh no, a burger? I’ve had such a bad day that it would help me feel better, but I know it’ll ruin my diet!”

One study found that women binge eat more than men do, possibly because we eat to soothe ourselves. And when emotions, not your stomach or brain, drive choices, it can be a diet disaster.

Instead, try to think of food as fuel. Take bites because you’re hungry or need energy, not because of stress, unhappiness or just plain boredom. Think about what your choices will do for your health and let yourself indulge occasionally without the guilt.

1. Adopt The Right Attitude

Men’s attitudes definitely affect their weight loss success. They give themselves credit for the smallest victories, whereas women have a tendency to be too hard on themselves.

“My female athletes become distraught or beat themselves up if they don’t notice results right away,” says Robert Pennino, president of Terrier Tri coaching in New York City.

Forget that! Keep telling yourself that, some days will be better than others, you will win at weight loss. A skipped trip to the gym, or eating something that you feel you shouldn’t have, doesn’t mean failure – your next meal or workout is yet another chance to keep at it and succeed!


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