Beauty Concerns For Expectant Mothers

close up of pregnant womans belly

( — When women think of pregnancy and they think of beauty, most prepare for two bundles of joy. In addition to the thrill of having a baby grow within, many women expect longer, thicker hair, beautiful nails, and of course that renowned glow. To avoid shock or unnecessary stress, be forewarned that  pregnancy sometimes involves effects that you may not find so pretty.

Skin Problems

Sometimes it is described almost in fairy tale terms– the way that women glow when they are pregnant. You may have heard stories of women whose beauty upgrade preceded and even alluded to the baby bump to follow. In reality, a lot of women experience acne and dermatitis when they are pregnant, resulting from hormonal changes.

A small number also experience PUPPP (pruritic uticarial pupules and plaques of pregnancy). This is a condition involving an itchy rash that that appears on the stomach usually during the third trimester. The cause is unknown. These problems normally dissipate after delivery. Meanwhile, products such as hydrocortisone or topical steroids may be recommended as a management tools.

Another and more common skin problem is melasma, known as mask of pregnancy. This condition, characterized by darkening in the T-zone, is also believed to be a result of hormonal changes. The cheeks, lips, and forehead  are areas where the dark spots tend to appear. Women are generally advised to avoid excessive sun exposure and to apply sun protection and hydrocortisone products throughout their pregnancy to help control the problem.

Melasma, unfortunately, may not immediately disappear on its own once even after giving birth. The spots can linger for months or years. Hydroquinone, Retin-A and chemical peels are some of the commonly recommended post postpartum solutions. Laser treatment may also be suggested but this option can be tricky for people of color.

As your body expands, the skin in several areas will do a significant amount of stretching and where it stretches it will become thinner. You will likely notice stretch marks appearing on areas such as your thighs, butt, stomach and breasts. Though women have tried for ages, there is no proven way to prevent these signs of motherhood. Once you have the baby, these marks will likely get lighter, and though your hopes may be built up by creative marketing, there is no known way to eliminate them.

Linea Nigra is a bit different. This is a condition where a dark line appears, running from the pubic area up to the breasts. It will remain dark while you are pregnant and though it may not completely disappear once you have the baby, it will fade drastically.

Circulatory Changes

The changes in a pregnant woman’s body include her circulatory system. Instead of just mama, it must also carry fluids for the baby, resulting in an increase of blood volume and blood pressure. As a result, you may suffer from varicose veins or spider veins.

These are also issues that may not just disappear. Sclerotherapy, a process where the troubled veins are injected with a solution, is a treatment commonly used to address such problems.

Some expecting mothers also experience red palms.  If you are one of them, be aware that the color may intensify as you approach your due date. This is another result of circulatory changes, but this issue is one that is quickly and naturally resolved after delivery.

Existing Conditions

Existing conditions are often aggravated by pregnancy. For example, many women find that have episodes of eczema or cold sores more frequently and severely. Warts may grow and moles may get bigger and darker. If you have skin tags, they may multiply.

Problems that get worse when you are pregnant, often return to normal after you deliver. Others may be   easily dealt with even before the baby comes. Moles will likely go back to their normal appearance, skin tags can be snipped and eczema can often be managed immediately with emollients or topical steroids.

If you were expecting all beauty blessings, don’t be too disappointed about issues you may face. Remember there is still a bundle of joy that can’t be overshadowed.