My Story: Losing The Weight, But Keeping The Curves

Kentrie4 got a chance to sit down with Kentrie, who is both beautiful inside and out. She shared her story of doing what others said was nearly impossible for her body type: losing weight without bulking up or losing her shape. Kentrie not only lost the weight and inches around her body, she did it in a way that kept her womanly curves at the same time.

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Take a look at her journey:

“I struggled with my weight most of my adult life. I was discharged from the Air Force for failure to maintain weight standards. Later I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism, which lowers the metabolism and makes weight loss nearly impossible. Not knowing what to do, I went through two personal trainers without any success. I even tried weight loss surgery, and that didn’t help either. I got tired wearing sizes 18-22! The most difficult part was not giving in to the foods I like to eat. My kryptonite is junk food! I love sugar but had to make up in my mind that I can’t do that anymore if I want results.”

“It wasn’t until I got a new trainer that was passionate about his clients that I started to see a change. He customized my exercise and diet plan. The diet consisted of fresh vegetable and fruit juice, lots of fish and chicken and salads. My workouts consisted of intense cardio and weights, four days a week!”

“How would I inspire others? By telling them that it’s absolutely possible! But it takes determination! Find a knowledgeable trainer, as well as supportive people that will hold you accountable. Also, you need to love yourself enough to want to succeed!”

“My current results: I went from 260 pounds to 185 pounds, and from a size 22 to a size 14. And…I kept all my lady curves!”



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Using Kentrie as an inspiration, one of our trainers created a curvy woman’s workout routine.

Here goes:
Women with curvy body types are balanced beauties who fill out a bikini top and bottom. When they gain weight, it tends to be all over. Like pears with larger chests, they have the curves, but what they usually lack is all-over muscle tone.

Without some full-body toning exercises, hourglass-shaped girls run the risk of…

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