19 Black Celebrity Vegetarians

A pot filled with roasted vegetablesBlack vegetarians are sprouting up everywhere. Surprisingly, a gang load of black celebrity notables have adopted this meatless lifestyle. A-list actress Angela Bassett, singer Erykah Badu, pop music icon Prince, and hip-hop mogul/entrepreneur Russell Simmons, are all among a growing list of African-Americans who have sidestepped the traditional delicacies of soul food in favor of living a meat-free existence.

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1. Angela Bassett

Actress Angela Bassett says, “I try to eat healthy, but I won’t get on other people’s nerves about it. If you want to eat bacon, I’m OK with that.” But she’s not shy about her own eating choices either. “I love vegan choices, raw food choices, and I’ll eat whatever I have to in order to get into whatever shape I need to get into for any one particular role.”








2. Omar Epps

Another vegetarian House cast member, Omar Epps follows a meat-free diet. He swears by Magma Plus, an all-natural green food. “I make a fruit shake in the mornings, and I have a multi-vitamin. I don’t do too many amino acids, flax seeds and all that stuff. That’s like real specific stuff when you’re going for a certain look.”






q-tip3. Q-Tip

The New York MC from the legendary hip-hop group, A Tribe Called Quest, has turned in his meat card for fresh fruits and veggies. And it’s no wonder he did that since his partner in rhyme, Phife Dawg, has diabetes and opted for a better diet as well.





4. Prince

Grammy-winning rock royal Prince says he won’t eat “anything with parents” because “Thou shalt not kill means just that!” The strict vegan was praised by animal lovers everywhere for giving fans the lowdown on wool in the liner notes of his CD Rave Un2 the Joy Fantastic.










5. Phylicia Rashad

The actress, 66, has been a vegetarian since she was a teenager. She also practices Hatha yoga and begins each day at 5 a.m. with an hour of meditation.