4 Everyday Tools That Fight Fat That You Never Heard Of

african american woman wearing pants that are too largeYou know exactly what you need to be fitter, right? If only you had a personal chef, a personal trainer, more money, a bigger house that could accommodate a home gym…etc., etc., etc. Right?

Think again. Do you know that, right now, you already own everything you need to get fit?

Get ready, because to be in the best shape of your life, you’ll need:

1. A Pen & Some Paper

Write it down! Whether you want to use pen and paper or your smartphone is up to you, but writing down your numbers is an essential part of getting fit.

Why? Because documenting what you’re doing raises your awareness of what you’re doing right and what you need to work harder on. It also helps track your progress – there’s nothing like a visual of just how much weight your shedding to help keep you motivated.

So…write down your weight, your workout type and duration, your daily calories consumed, and keep a food journal. Keep a list of your numbers from your doctor and see if you can improve those too—your HDL (good) and LDL (bad) cholesterol, your blood pressure and your blood glucose are just a few numbers you can track. Tracking your numbers—whether all or just a few—keeps you focused on your goals because it keeps your health on your mind.

Documenting can also turn you into your own support system. You can write down times or days when you have trouble eating right or you lose motivation to work out and see if you can identify any patterns. Or maybe you just write about how you are feeling during those moments and you get some new distinctions.

2. Music

Listen to some jams! There’s nothing like a good tune to help keep you moving.

Why? In two words: music motivates. Music can lift you up from a bad mood, make you feel like you can conquer the world.

So…compile music playlists that appeal to you and really get you to take your workouts up a notch. Check out friends’ playlists, if possible, as well as listen to the radio to find out about new music that needs to be a part of your own collection.

3. Your Camera

Click! If you are just starting a fitness regimen, take a photo and use it as your before photo and now see how you can change that image with increased physical activity and healthier choices about food.

Why? Well, don’t you just love it when your clothes are baggie because of your workouts and healthy eating? There’s nothing quite like tangible proof of your healthier lifestyle.

So…if you love how you look, or are psyched about the progress you are making, take a picture. Post it somewhere you can see it every day so it will motivate you to keep going.  If you want, you could take progress photos so you can celebrate all of your incremental steps to a healthier you along the way. Think fitness scrapbook!

4. Your Mind

Think about it! What motivates you to exercise and eat right? How do you benefit? What are the things you love about feeling fit and healthy?

Why? Your mind can be your biggest fitness advocate or your biggest detriment, but the choice is yours. How do you talk to yourself? Do you encourage yourself or do you encourage the inner critic? It’s so important to be in your own corner.

So…start with a positive mental attitude and a belief in yourself. Use your mind to remind yourself why investing in your health and fitness is so important. Be clear. For some people, it’s the increased energy they feel, others say it’s wanting to be around for their children as long as possible, and for others, it’s wanting to feel strong or look amazing in clothes. Your reasons aren’t right or wrong – they just need to speak to you loudly enough to get you up and moving each day.

These simple tools are all you need to get fit. Not having good health is what’s expensive, while achieving your healthiest self can be free.