Is There “White Flight” From U.S. Nursing Homes?

portrait of senior black woman( — Minority elders are more frequently becoming nursing home residents compared to whites, a new study reveals.

Available nursing home spots in the United States decreased over 6 percent between 1999 and 2008, while still having to accommodate 1.2 million people.

A disproportionate number of residents are black, Latino and Asian, the study finds. And, compared to 1999, fewer residents are white. The study, published in Health Affairs, focuses on the top 10 metropolitan areas for each minority group.

While nursing home admissions fell by 10 percent for white elders, admissions are up 11 percent for blacks, and even more for Hispanics and Asians — over 50 percent. This increase might suggest better access to nursing home care for minorities, but lead researcher, Dr. Zhanlian Feng, of Brown University, explains that it may be the opposite. The higher rates are actually due to a lack of access to more desirable care options for elders of ethnic minority groups, he says.

“Seemingly, we are closing the gap in terms of minority access to nursing home beds, but I don’t think that is something to celebrate,” Feng says. “They are really the last resort. Most elders would rather stay in their homes, or some place like home, but not a nursing home unless they have to.”

The study suggests that the growth in the number of minority elders living in nursing homes may be driven largely by demographics and disparities.

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Iman Talks Beauty, Health & Marriage

Iman( – For more than 20 years, Iman has graced hundreds of magazine covers, rising to the status of international fashion icon. She is also a successful businesswoman with a new line of handbags and accessories to accompany her Iman skin care and fragrance line, a mother of two daughters, a philanthropist for numerous charities, and the host of Project Runway Canada—no to mention she’s the wife of rock legend David Bowie.

With all of this on her plate, she still manages to look drop-dead gorgeous every time she’s seen. Who says things slow down after 50?

She recently sat down with Huffington Post Canada to talk about her beauty regimen and daily life routine. Here’s what she had to say.

On beauty regimens:

Yes, mine! I’ve been using my cosmetics and skin care, Iman Cosmetics, since I created [the line] in 1994. Religiously. I don’t believe in lots of things to do with your face, but cleanse, moisturize. Young girls aren’t taught that — they just see a lot of cosmetics, which isn’t good. It’s easier for them to put on, since it changes the look, but it doesn’t encourage them to take care of their skin. I tell my little daughter, who’s eight years old, it’s like brushing your teeth. You do it twice a day.

You can get Iman Cosmetics specifically at Sears, and it’s a line for women of color — regardless if you’re Asian, East Indian, African, whatever. Even white people can use it, if they want to look tanned [laughs].

On aging:

I’m African, so it’s all good. We don’t stress about that stuff. We don’t celebrate birthdays. I know I’m 53, but my birthday isn’t something I dread or look forward to. The year starts and it’s downhill from there [laughs]! My younger daughter’s American so we celebrate for her.

On exercise:

Yes, a lot of cardiovascular [exercise]. I try to work out every day. A lot of walking, jogging, treadmill, jump rope. I have one bad knee, which I injured years and years ago, skiing. That’s why I don’t like running very much. And treadmills are so boring. Jump rope, if you do a good 10 minutes, it’s a difficult cardiovascular workout. I started jump rope after I had my baby eight years ago and I could barely do three minutes. And I thought I was fit!

On eating habits:

I don’t eat McDonald’s. I don’t drink soda. I never acquired that taste, and I never had it when I was growing up. Not big on sweets, also. I was in a boarding school, so I was deprived of that. I’ve changed from eating three meals a day to six small meals. I start big on carbs, and then taper the carbs as the day goes on. I rarely touch alcohol, but I have a glass of wine now and then. Champagne gives me headaches — and believe me, that’s all you get when you’re modeling. Nine a.m., they give you champagne when you walk in.

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