You May Want To Reconsider Waist Training

…this to be beneficial for them). Others find that if they have uterine prolapse that the pressure from the corset makes it uncomfortable.

As with anything else, when it comes to corset training if you listen to your body and take things slowly and progressively then you are at less of a risk of developing any serious issues. Some of the benefits include an improved posture and of course a smaller waist line. There are tons of garments out there to help you train your waist from waist cinchers to corsets, girdles and shapers. But in order for them to be beneficial you have to be dedicated and consistent. Many women give up before they even achieve any results… and the other half just don’t know when to stop. With that being said.. it AIN’T for everybody. I would say the most important thing about lacing or corseting is knowing when to take it off!


Tips If You Decide To Waist Train:

1. Put your shoes on before you put your corset on. Doing it the other way around will be DIFFICULT.

2. Don’t drink carbonated beverages when laced into a corset. The gas will feel much more exaggerated laced up.

3. Get someone to help you the first few times. It’s not that you cannot lace yourself into a corset, but just like getting a pedicure is so much nicer than painting your own toes, having help getting into a corset is much easier with an assistant.

4. Try only wearing it for no more than 4 hours at a time. Those who choose to wear it longer would even more at risk of unhealthy organs.

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