5 “Me-Time” Habits Of Happy Women

African American Black woman relaxedWho couldn’t use a little less stress? In fact, three out of four women say that just five minutes of “me” time would make them happier, according to a Skintimate survey.

And according to experts, women who take the time to treat themselves right, and stress less, tend to view life, and themselves, as more positive, and more beautiful.

So get gorgeous with these de-stressing beauty rituals:

When You Wake Up: Rather than sprinting for the coffeepot after you roll out of bed, reach for your toes.

“Stretching loosens your muscles, revs up your circulation, and helps your skin look rosy,” says Eva Ritvo, MD, coauthor of The Beauty Prescription.

Next, apply a few drops of oil, such as eucalyptus oil, inside each nostril. Step into the shower, where the steam will help create an energizing and invigorating aroma. Afterward, as you’re putting on your usual facial moisturizer, apply pressure along your brow bones and temples as well as underneath your cheekbones to eliminate any morning puffiness.

African American woman relaxing on the couch with her feet up

When You’re At Work: Before you tackle a tough assignment, take a mini break at your desk. Bend down, grab your ankles, and take five deep breaths, Rushworth suggests. “Increased blood flow to the brain will not only energize you but also bring oxygen and nutrients to your skin for a perked-up glow.” Then spritz your face with an invigorating mist. “It gives you a boost and hydrates your skin,” says Elizabeth Vislocky, lead aesthetician for Jurlique in New York City. Avoid water sprays, which can pull moisture out of the skin when they evaporate. Instead, look for an alcohol-free mist with hydrators like aloe vera.

When You’ve Hit That Afternoon Slump:
Skip the candy jar in favor of a quick self-massage. Take a dab of citrus- or peppermint-scented lotion or oil — studies show that the smell of citrus can…