Best Facial Cleansers For Black Skin

A plastic container filled with orange gel face cleanser

Whether you have dry, oily, combination or sensitive skin, there is a perfect face wash for you.

Do you have oily skin?

New York-based dermatologist Dr. Dennis Gross recommends gels and alcohol-based cleansers for oily skin. You can also look for cleansing liquids or bars that are specifically targeted to help.

“If you know your skin type, you can work with it and match the appropriate products,” says Dr. Gross.

Do you have combination skin?

If your skin is dry in certain areas, like on the cheeks, but continues to be oily in other areas, such as your forehead, nose, and/or chin, you have combination skin. Dr. Gross advises those with this skin type to use cleansers with hyaluronic acid that will cling to dry areas.

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Do you have dry skin?

Dr. Gross recommends looking for creams and lotions to incorporate into your daily routine. He also cautions against using any alcohol-based cleansers or toners. “They dry out the skin by stripping away its

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