Natural Remedies For Colon Cancer

Colon cancer

Natural Remedies For Colon Cancer

The key ingredient in fighting any disease is catching it early, including colorectal cancer. Studies show that diet and lifestyle changes may reduce your risk. According to research or other evidence, the following seven self-care steps may be helpful:

What You Need To Know:

  • Eat risk-reducing foods
    Load up on healthy portions of fiber, tomato products, calciferous vegetables (broccoli, kale, cabbage, Brussels sprouts), garlic, and onions, and eat less meat
  • Work in a workout
    Maintain a regular exercise routine throughout your life
  • Try selenium supplementation
    Taking 200 mg a day of this essential trace mineral can offer protection against a variety of cancers
  • Go for green tea
    Drink several cups of green tea a day to benefit from the protective polyphenols found in tea leaves

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    • Try vitamin C
      If you have colon cancer, take 10 grams per day of vitamin C to possibly slow disease progression