Vitamin D Deficiency Increases MS Risks In Blacks

A glass container of yogurt sitting on a blue-green cotton napkin beside a white spoonAccording to research, a deficiency in Vitamin D has lead blacks to be more at risk for several health concerns, including multiple sclerosis.

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Vitamin D is created by ultraviolet rays from the sunlight when it strikes the skin. Since a black person’s darker skin pigments act as a filter of the ultraviolet, the amount of the Vitamin D that can be produced is limited. However, blacks should not contribute to the lack of vitamin D by avoiding the sunlight.

Ways to combat the vitamin D deficiency include:

  • Taking a Vitamin D supplement every day for anyone over the age of 12
  • Spending more time in the sunlight (use sunscreen)
  • Eating foods rich in Vitamin D, including diary and fatty fish