Do Tattoos Block Jobs?

man-with-tattoos-smilingDoes your tattoo impact your ability to get a job? Have you had the impression that your tattoo or piercing is not welcome at work? These questions abound as more younger people get permanent body art.

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Whether your place of business accepts permanent body art, or not, varies from company to company. “Open-minded” companies like Whole Foods, Ikea, Big Lots, Best Buy, and Google freely allow their employees to have tattoos and piercings; while many other companies have written policies that ban obvious tattoos, more than two ear piercings, or even long sideburns!

Getting a job at some of these more conservative companies can be tricky, if not impossible. The business world has lagged significantly in their acceptance of permanent body art, especially as it pertains to obvious tattoos and piercings (those on the hands, face and neck). Many companies, including the United States armed forces, the United Parcel Service, and others, ban obvious tattoos, and non-conventional piercings. They feel that they have a right to “project a certain image” and permanent body art doesn’t fit. . . for now. This ‘discrimination’, in one employer’s view, is part of “their prerogative to exercise a personal preference to NOT have customers distracted by body art”.