What Can We Learn From Celebrity Stress?

Two lines of reporters near a red carpet and flashing lightsWhat do Rihanna, Barack Obama, Tiger Woods, and Evelyn Lozada all have in common? They all have to learn how to deal with life in a fishbowl. Peering eyes. Alert ears. Probing questions.

For many celebs, privacy is the price they must pay to stay in the spotlight and remain relevant to their fans. On the one hand, fame is a measure of your worth as a performer. But on the other hand, it jeopardizes your privacy, freedom and safety—a double-edged sword.

Although most of us cannot relate to the trappings of celebrity, we all do experience stress. Take a closer examination of say, Beyonce’s career and related stress factor,s and you might be surprised at the similarities to stress in your own life. As tabloids like to say: Stars—they’re just like us!

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