4 Easy Steps to Funding Your Emergency FUN Fund

This past weekend my group of friends all went out to have some good ol’ fashioned fun! Fun is a word in our adulthood we don’t use as often as we should. With the demands of life, work, and families, I don’t think we have nearly as much fun as we ought to.

So to shake things up, my close group of friends and I all decided we would go out for some fun to enjoy ourselves and take a short break from the strenuous task of adulting. We all got together and attended a nice brunch with adult beverages after we went high-speed go-kart racing, and ended our night at one of those paint and sip classes where I channeled my inner Picasso and made a beautiful masterpiece (by my standards at least).

While all of these activities were super enjoyable and very relaxing and therapeutic I could not help but think, how should one properly save for fun without having to dish out a pretty penny for a weekend full of fun.

Hence, why I’m here to give you 4 fun tips to save for something we all need more of-F.U.N.

1. Start A Competition Amongst Friends

One of the biggest challenges most face when saving for anything is the lack of commitment and motivation to be consistent. Committing to a savings plan is difficult so