4 Foods Your Vagina Will Love

fresh salad close up

In case you didn’t know by now, you are what you eat. Certain foods contain healing properties and can drastically improve your health in ways you probably didn’t know about. In fact, there are a bunch of foods that contribute to the overall health of your vagina.

Yes! An entire line-up of foods that are vagina-health-friendly!

Mainly, when speaking about the health of the vagina, the pH level is often at the center of the conversation. At its best, the pH level causes the vagina to have good discharge, which acts as a natural cleaning agent for the body. There should also be a certain level of acidity to the vaginal discharge due to the vagina’s role of getting rid of harmful bacteria by “burning it away.”

Confused? Don’t stress! As long as you eat some of the below foods fairly regularly, you and your vagina will be fine.

Here are 4 foods that will contribute to a