4. After Care

Make sure you do a proper cleanse and condition of your hair after spending time in the pool.

Before cleansing, Aeleise stresses the importance of agitating the hair to make sure you’ve thoroughly rinsed the chlorine out of your hair.

As for those who are frequent swimmers, Aeleise recommends that you use a moisturizing shampoo or co-wash with a conditioner to cleanse your hair after each swim session.

Aeleise highly recommends Malibu Swimmers Wellness shampoo for frequent swimmers.

Malibu Swimmers Wellness is an ultra-mild and 100% vegan shampoo that’s completely free of sulfates and harsh aggressors.

Follow these easy tips and pool season will surely look good on you!

aishia stricklandAishia Strickland is a full-time mom to a little Chocolate Prince, lover of multi-textured hair, tastemaker, Editor of Chocolate Curls Beauty and co-creator of the #30DayHairDetox!