4 Ways to Make Dining Out Better For Your Body

recent visit, I realized how many calories were in my favorite dishes. For example, I ordered the Crusted Chicken Romano which has 1490 calories. Add my Salted Caramel cheesecake’s 1240 calories and I consumed a total of 2730 calories in one sitting.

This doesn’t include what I may have eaten for breakfast. So, in a day I may have consumed over 3000 calories. Even the salads have a minimum of 1300 calories, and while Cheesecake Factory has a “skinny menu,” many patrons don’t actually go for the “skinny menu.”

In addition to the high-calorie intake, restaurants serve larger portions. While places like Cheesecake Factory offer mega portions that can be shared, people like the idea of tasting a little bit of everything so people prefer to order separately.