The 4 Most Important Questions To Ask Your Hair Stylist

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Of all the important relationships that a person has in their life, the one with their hair stylist/barber is not one to be undervalued. These are the people who help us figure out and maintain the look that helps our personalities shine through.

So, how can you avoid the too-short bob, the impossible-to-style shag and other shear horrors? Help your stylist help you by first asking them the below four questions:

1. What are your credentials?

All hairdressers should have a state certificate showing completion of cosmetology school. Understand, of course, that one crucial credential can’t be proved with any certificate – a satisfied clientele.

2. How do I style it?

When considering a new style, always keep your hair’s texture in mind. Ask your hair guru for a hands-on styling lesson before you leave the salon. Be wary of the product pusher who insists you purchase every can of hairspray or tube of gel used during the appointment.

3. How short will it really be?

Use a ruler to show how much you want taken off, or use your finger to show the stylist where you want your hair to hit. Also, arrive at the salon with your hair in its natural state so your stylist can see its movement and natural wave.

4. What’s included in the price?

Does the price of the haircut include a consultation, shampoo and/or conditioner, scalp massage and styling lesson? And pay attention during your cut. If your stylist starts blow-drying or curling your hair and you’re not sure if the service is included, ask.


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The Best Workout Clothes For Your Shape

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Why hide the body you’ve worked so hard for under baggy pants and tees? Here are some great ways to look great in fitness clothes.

The Best Workout Clothes for Pear Shapes

Do…wear light colors on top to draw eyes up and away from your thighs. Choose flared pants to balance and lengthen your shape.

Don’t…wear bottoms with stripes down the sides of the legs. They’ll make your hips seem fuller.

The Best Workout Clothes for Rectangle Shapes

Do…create the illusion of curves with tops that have ruching along the sides and pants that have a pop of color at the hips. A sports bra with a little padding and a tank with a low neckline will play up your assets.

Don’t…wear one color from head to toe. It will make you look blocky.

The Best Workout Clothes for Apple Shapes

Do…opt for a loose top that ties or cinches, which will define your middle and conceal your tummy. Fitted capris or tights flatter your toned legs.

Don’t…wear flared bottoms. They’ll throw off your proportions by adding bulk.

The Best Workout Clothes for Hourglass Shapes

Do…choose tops with a V or scoop neck and detailing near your midsection to show off your trim waist. Especially as it gets warmer, strut your fit quads in a skort instead of running shorts.

Don’t…hide behind high necks and loose clothes. You’ll only look larger.