The New Type Of Partner You Need To Have

A group of laughing friends at a restaurantI don’t know about you, but as I’ve gotten older, the best way I’ve found to get out the house is to make dinner plans with friends. Not only is this more exciting than sitting in the house, it relieves me of the sometimes necessary evil of cooking and cleaning. I’m more of just a cooker, if you catch my drift. Nevertheless, eating out can be quite the challenge when you are trying to watch your girlish figure. The menu is always full of fancy jargon, but nothing that says “Pick me I won’t stick to your hips, thighs, and belly!” There are always so many tempting things like fried foods, desserts, and buttery biscuits and rolls.

Researchers have found that people typically eat more food when dining out with a group, and the larger the group the more food. Apparently eating with just 1 other person can increase your consumption by 28% over eating alone, and  people tend to order like the others in their dining party. So to curb this negative food eating frenzy, I have come up with a new concept to try.

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In order for me to dine out without getting a side order of regret, I’ve decided to try going to dinner with a like-minded friend. I figured that hearing my friends choose healthy, lower-calorie options would make me feel peer-pressured into wanting to do the same thing.