Top Blacks In Healthcare 2014: Kenneth Grant

dr-ken-grantKenneth Grant is responsible for a variety of support service functions at The Johns Hopkins Hospital, including linen distribution, reprographics, material management and patient transport. He is also responsible for Corporate Purchasing, the Materials Distribution Center and Community Health initiatives for the Johns Hopkins Health System.

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Grant’s mother instilled in him that success in life is not always measured by material possessions. Instead, his mother explained that the measure of success is really determined by your willingness to reach out to others and to provide them with sound advice and guidance. That simple concept has been the driving force behind the development and practice of a management style that has caused him to place an emphasis on a “high touch” approach.

Grant’s advice to anyone seeking to accomplish something significant is: understand the importance of networking; establish a mentoring relationship; know where you would like to go; and be committed to your plan.

Grant enjoys exercising on a regular basis, has an annual physical, and enjoys playing sports, especially golf. And, he says, “There’s nothing more important to me than family and friends.”


Would you subscribe to a service where you can see a black doctor anytime via video chat for $19 a month? “Top Blacks In Healthcare” 2014: Helene D. Gayle

When former pediatrician Helene D. Gayle joined CARE she became not only the first woman to lead the organization, but also the first person of color. Dr. Gayle joined CARE USA as president and CEO in 2006. “Before coming to CARE, I worked at the CDC [Centers for Disease Control] for twenty years and then the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

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Dr. Gayle has an abundance of empathy for the people she is fortunate enough to serve. Her inspiration is the people whom she gets the privilege to meet, people in whose lives she and the people of CARE make a difference.

“I am encouraged when I see what a two dollar loan can do to change a life. It brings me joy when a family gets access to clean and safe drinking water ”

Dr. Gayle also loves going into schools and asking children what they want to be when they grow up and seeing them have dreams for very different futures than their parents.

The most important thing you can do to achieve your goal, she says, is to stay true to your passion and be persistent.

Congratulations, Dr. Gayle, for being a “ Top Blacks in Healthcare” 2014 honoree!