Can Stress Really Make Us Sick?

A businesswoman with a headache pressing her fingertips against her temples

What is health? A check-up with your doctor often focuses on making sure we are not sick – checking our blood pressure, cholesterol, pap smears and other general tests. These are all excellent things we must keep on top of, but they do not necessarily give a full picture of our “health”. You can have great check-up results but still be unhealthy. That is because health, or wholeness, is not just a physical concern. Health starts with something only we can do for ourselves – focusing on well-being, both mentally and emotionally. This in turn leads to promoting a healthy body.

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Doctors, herbs and medicines do not heal us. These options give our bodies the right building blocks to work with in order for our body to heal itself. When you cut your finger, for example, your body sends special substances called platelets to form a seal at that spot to protect the body from germs and bacteria. The hole eventually closes up like nothing ever happened. This kind of repair is happening at every minute of every day in our bodies by our immune system. We have cancer cells popping up daily, we are constantly bombarded by toxins in our food/air/water, and we are always exposed to bacteria and viruses. Yet most of us do not get sick from these things at the same rate we are exposed to them. Why is that? Because of a healthy immune system. It works on a minute to minute basis to keep our bodies in a constant state of healing.