4 Tips To Reduce Winter Burnout

A senior couple embracing, wearing winter clothingFeeling the effects of winter burnout? Stressed at the job? Stressed searching for a job? Here are 4 tips to reduce winter burnout and stress.

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Deep Breathing. Why? It promotes relaxation. Try the “Luckie 7” breathing technique. Find a quiet place. Sit in a comfortable position with shoulders relaxed. Inhale through your nose to a count of 7, hold for a count of 7 and exhale out of your mouth to a count of 7. Do this 7 times. As you exhale, think or speak positive trigger words such as “peace”, “patience”, “joy”, “gentleness”, etc. Do the “Luckie 7” deep breathing technique 2-3 times per day.

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High Quality Sleep. A lack of high quality sleep has been shown to contribute to feelings of irritability, crankiness, frustration, mental exhaustion and stress. Get 7-8 hours of high quality sleep. Sleeping in a dark and cool bedroom can improve sleep quality.

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Eat Serotonin-Promoting Foods. Serotonin is a “feel good” chemical in the brain that can contribute to reducing feelings of burnout and stress. Combining foods that contain tryptophan (to produce serotonin) and complex carbohydrates (to get tryptophan to the brain) can increase serotonin levels. For example, consuming milk (a source of tryptophan) and bananas (a source of complex carbohydrate) can promote the production of serotonin.

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Move. Exercise can counter winter burnout and stress by increasing endorphins, neurotransmitters in your brain that provide a sense of well being. Get the body moving by walking, running, interval training or implementing combination exercises. Completing an exercise regimen can also boost self-confidence, energy and provide a general sense of accomplishment, all of which can contribute to reducing winter burnout and stress

By Sloan Luckie

Sloan Luckie, a Certified Personal Trainer and Certified Public Accountant, is the author of the optimal health workbook, Body Under Construction. Body Under Construction shows how to use nutrition, exercise and sleep to attain and maintain optimal health.

Sloan’s unique philosophy on building and maintaining optimal health has garnered significant media attention. He has appeared on NBC’s “The Talk” with Marion Brooks, NY1 News with Cheryl Wills, WVON Radio with Kendall Moore, WYCA Radio with TL Richardson and graced the pages of Syd Jerome magazine. He’s conducted wellness demonstrations for women’s heart disease, men’s prostate and childhood obesity awareness seminars. Sloan has also conducted nutrition and fitness demonstrations for corporations and not-for-profit organizations throughout the United States.

Sloan Luckie, who is also the founder of Body Under Construction, LLC, is 48 years old and lives in Flossmoor, IL with his wife Sherree. They have three children, Chanel-21, Sloan II-11, Sterling-8 and a granddaughter, Peyton-1.

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